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Past and Present - 1st Jun 2018

In 1952 Bert and Megan Muir opened Muirs Radiators in a lean-to in the back of their property in Irwell St, Gore. Then as the business grew they built a concrete block workshop (as seen in photo 1). 
In the late 1970's Muirs Radiators moved to their now workshop in Gorton St, but the Irwell St property still stands.
The property has been home to many businesses but now it is home to Shelby's Cakes (as seen in photo 2)

Now this is the new and improved workshop in Gorton St (as seen in photo 3)

How the times have changed. One thing that hasn't changed is the quality of Muirs Radiators and their products. 
Come in and see us or give us a ring (03) 208 7746 we are happy to help you out with all your radiators, intercoolers and more.

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