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What can go wrong with your radiator

These are some pictures of what could go wrong with your radiators.
  • You can have a chemical reaction causing blockage in your radiator, which in turn can cause over heating issues. For example electrolysis Click here for Philm Off
  • You may get fan damage in your radiator which can be nasty.
  • You can get cracks in your aluminium from the expansion and contraction of your radiator.
  • Your radiator wearing out from the amount of kms your doing on the road.
  • Cracks in your radiator from poor quality manufacturing.
  • Split seams and cracked tanks from a failed cap; not releasing the pressure.
  • Stones flicking up and striking your radiator can cause leaks in the core and/or in the tanks.
Any damages to your radiator, heater, intercooler, oilcooler and more at Muirs Radiators we can help you out.

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