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These are our range of cooling system products

Muirs Crystal Detergent

Muirs Crystal Detergent
Muirs Crystal Detergent
Muirs Crystal Detergent 
Heavy Duty alkaline detergent used for removing oil and deposits from your cooling system
Available in many quantities
1 scoop makes 2 litres. Pricing is per scoop
Full Details add to cart $1,499.00

Muirs Radiator De-Scaler

Radiator De-Scaler
Radiator De-Scaler
Muirs Radiator De-Scaler is a fast acting 30 minute treatment for your cooling system. It removes harmful deposits that can cause overheating and also promote corrosion.
500ml bottle treats up to 10L 
Full Details add to cart $26.00

Organic Radiator Flush

Organic Radiator Flush
Organic Radiator Flush
Organic Radiator Flush - Heavy Duty Cleaner
Removes harmful deposits that cause overheating and promote corrosion.
500ml bottle for every 10L of your cooling system.

Full Details add to cart $30.00

Philm Off - The No Flush Cleaner

Philm Off
Philm Off
Philm Off is a radiator cleaner that eliminates rust and sludge from your cooling system. 
  • It protects hoses and caps
  • It protects all metal engine components including aluminium
  • It lubricates water pumps and thermostats
  • It is compatible with Antifreeze and other cooling system additives
  • Not soluble oil based so doesn't retard heat transfer
Full Details add to cart $20.00

Radiator De-Oiler

Radiator De-Oiler
Radiator De-Oiler
Muirs Radiators Radiator De-Oiler.
Effectively cleans oil from you cooling system without harming plastic radiators, header tanks, water pump seals or hoses.
Available in 1-20 litre containers.
Price is per litre.
Full Details add to cart $35.00

Sealwel - Cooling system temporary sealant

Sealwel is a Cooling System Sealant and Cleaner. 
  1. Stops minor leaks
  2. Clean engines, hoses and radiators
  3. Lubricated pump bearings
  4. Can be used with Antifreeze & Coolant
It is used by Engine Re-conditioners and Radiator Shops. Used for both road and track. Sealwel has been in use for over 50 years.

Pricing is per block.

Full Details add to cart $10.00
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